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In 2015, 90% of my students Achieved a study score of 40 and above in Physics.

(top 9% of the entire state)

In 2017, 80% of my students Achieved a study score of 42 and above in Physics.

(top 6% of the entire state)



As my specialty is Physics, I am able to teach it in a very short amount of time, allowing my students to have a good understanding of logics behind each idea. However, further practice is needed as I find most students tend to forget everything in few weeks.

- Acceleration Cram Class -

Physics acceleration cram class (total 12 to 18 hours)

A specially designed class by me, taking you from knowing nothing to knowing everything important.

As the name has suggested, the acceleration cram class is designed to rush through the entire year worth of materials in a very short amount of time. It is excellent for students that are extremely behind who desperately needs to do a quick catch up before the test or the exams.

However, students who are not desperately lack of time are recommended to participate in the comprehensive acceleration class, it will offer a more in-depth understanding of physics.

Significant boost in marks 100% guaranteed!

Available as either 1 on 1 or group sessions



Please Note

Students without a strong mathematics background will usually take a significantly longer amount of time to complete the physics acceleration class. One on one session is recommended to those who require additional help and tailored courses.

- Comprehensive Acceleration Class -

Physics Comprehensive Acceleration Class (total average 40 to 50 hours)

This is the acceleration class that I was made famous of, taking you from knowing absolutely nothing to basically knowing everything.

This class offers a very in-depth understanding of physics via its practical usage, you will be shown relevant experiments and inventions associated with each topic. You will learn advanced Engineering analytical techniques that are simply not taught in high school, which will be used for dealing with high fail rate questions.

This can be taken as a complete replacement of day school classes, it is best suited for students who have been absent from school, had a horrible teacher who had no idea what he/she is doing, or simply wanting to study ahead of the cohort.

Significant boost in marks 100% guaranteed!

Available as either 1 on 1 or group sessions


- The VIP Package -

AKA: Study Score Insurance, it includes:

Unlimited Access

You will gain access to all my learning resources and other online services.

Free Printing

Printing of any learning materials from me will be free of charge.

No travel Charge (20km)

I will travel to you free of charge as long you are within 20km from Clayton.

Minimum Study Score Guarantee

As the best physics tutor in Melbourne, I am confident enough to be the one and only to offer Minimum Study Score Guarantee. Upon receiving your end of year results statement, if your physics study score was lower than the guaranteed minimum study score, then you will receive a full refund of the VIP package fee from me.

You must comply with the terms and conditions set out on our agreement in order to be eligible for a full refund.

Complete Care

Apart from the compulsory weekly two hours session, you will also be able to receive up to two additional sessions before any test or SAC. Two month before the physics exam, you will receive an additional compulsory session from me per week.

If you got any questions and I am not physically present, you can always send me the question via message or email, I will reply with detailed step per step working out solution.

Package cost: $20,000       Service duration: 12 months

Please note: You have to apply at least 12 month before your VCE physics exam.