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As my specialty is Physics, I am able to teach it in a very short amount of time, allowing my students to have a good understanding of logics behind each idea. However, further practice is needed as I find most students tend to forget everything in few weeks.











As people mostly come to me for 1 on 1 tutoring, so group sized acceleration class will not run unless enough people show interest towards it. Please do contact me if you wish to participate in the group sized acceleration class, and I will notify you the exact location and time when it starts to run.

In 2015, 90% of my students Achieved a study score of 40 and above in Physics. (top 9% of the entire state)

- Acceleration Class -

Physics acceleration class (total 12 to 16 hours)

A specially designed class by me, taking you from knowing nothing to knowing everything.

Cover everything you need to know about physics exam.

Significant boost in marks 100% guaranteed!

Available as either 1 on 1 or group sessions





- Acceleration Class Fees -

1 on 1 sessions:

Please refer to rates page for hourly rate.

Materials will be provided, and I will handwrite personalized notes for you.

Completely tailored to your personal needs.

Group sessions:

$50 per student per class

(Normally every class runs for 2 hours)

Materials will be provided, but notes needs to be written by individual student.








- Time & Location -

(Group sessions)

Saturday & Sunday

The University Of Melbourne

(Please contect me for more details)