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A weekly session of at least 2 hours is required.

It is essential for students to stick to a weekly schedule to maintain knowledge and study habit. 2 hours is the most optimal time frame to maximize the number of key concepts delivered, and amount of practices done.


However, long term students could occasionally ask for cancellation or sessions that are less than 2 hours during temporary events like: attending valedictory dinner, seeking medical attention, etc... (Advance notice required)

Standard Rate (one on one)

$140 per hour

( Minimum 2 hours per session )



The small group session will not commence unless exactly 4 students have registered to the same session.

Group sessions require advanced payment of 24 sessions (usually completed in 24 weeks), fees are not refundable once the registered group session has commenced.

Small Group Session (4 students)

$100 per session

( 2 hours session, $50 per hour )



However, I do accept payment plans.

(Please be aware that there might be an additional third party service charge associated with this option.)



Trial Session




Additional Fee

An additional fee will be charged when I have to travel more than 10km away to see students.

Travel fee: $10 to $20 additional per class

this fee mostly applies to students who live more than 10km away from Malvern East.

(excludes Melbourne University and Monash University)


Students that are more than 20km away:

I recommend students who are more than 20km away from me to see me online,

Alternatively, we can arrange to meet at either the Melbourne University or the Monash University (no travel fee needed)


Students from a different city or country (not from Melbourne, Australia):

I can arrange online sessions that provide a similar experience compared to in-person sessions,

unlike many schools, I actively invest and make use of the latest technologies to ensure the best quality is delivered.