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Client Reviews: (from universitytutor.com , Facebook and Google Review)

I met Peter at the beginning of my final year of school. My level of Physics knowledge/ability was rather limited at that point in time. However in a short time, Peter was able to rapidly improve my ability and equipped me with the skills to perform at my best. He is a fantastic mentor who provides comprehensive explanations about all elements of the course, with an eye for detail so that no aspect of the course goes amiss. He provides comprehensive explanations for every detail of the course, supplemented with real-world examples. Peter gives clear-cut formulaic approaches to worded questions, ensuring that you maximise your marks. Peter also gives his students resources (such as practice exams) as well as all-encompassing notes, so that you always have a reference point, for any new questions. He gives thorough answers to any questions/misunderstandings you have and ensures that you have a complete grasp of the prescribed Physics concepts. He also cares about his students dearly and combines a gentle sense of humour with his teaching that fosters quality results. With Peter’s guidance, I was able to achieve a perfect score of 50 in Physics, something which I am sure that many others would be able to achieve as well, given Peter’s help. I would also like to thank Peter for his dedication to me, and his continued support, which enabled me to perform throughout the year and in the exam.

By Isaac R

Really helpful notes and advice, and is very patient when explaining concepts. Physics was one of my worst and least favourite subjects in early year 11, but Peter’s tutoring helped me understand the content so much better. He turned Physics into my best subject by the end of year 12, getting a 40+ study score.

By Lachlan S

My son was strongly advised to give up Physics at the end of Year 11. By the end of 1st term in year 12 he was still battling. Peter started tutoring my son from second term. He has excellent notes and has a very structured and methodical way of going through the syllabus. My son really enjoyed working with Peter . He instilled a tremendous amount of confidence and a love for the subject. He really cared about my son's progress. My son got over 43 for Physics!! We cannot thank Peter enough for his expertise, understanding, perseverance and for being a great guy!

By Samara R

Peter is both an amazing physics teacher and life mentor. He has a very in-depth knowledge of VCE Physics, has very organised classes and has a genuine interest to teach his students. I couldn't have asked for a better tutor in Yr 11 and Yr 12 to support and guide me. Thank you Peter.

By Janice S

Best teacher ever! Peter gives the most concise and helpful notes for vce physics, which helped me to get a 40+ study score.

By Christopher L

Peter was patient and came prepared each week. He is a rarity - a tutor who really cares. The work and effort translated into my son's confidence and converted to a great end of year result. Thank you Peter.

By Rose

Really patient explain stuff very clearly and most definitely won’t give up until you understand. Really out going and would definitely have a deep passion for helping his student to understand the content to an extreme.

By Kai L

Peter is an extremely knowledge and helpful tutor!

By Henry W

Peter helped me a huge amount in physics and methods. By providing and assisting me with loads of problems it made me a lot more confident in answering questions.

By Jack B

Best physics teacher ever! Thanks for teaching me this year in an excellent way.

By Aaron C

Hi Peter I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all your help with my son's Physics and Maths. You have been fantastic!

By Tania

Involved and dedicated physics tutor, helped me alot during the year

By Jean


By Tom