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Online Lecture SYSTEM Building in progress...

Answer to All Questions SYSTEM ONLINE!


Why Online Lecture?

In case you couldn't book a time with Peter, or you simply live too far away to attend Peter's class.

You could still benefit from Peter's online acceleration classes and the "Answer to All Questions" system.

Additional to that, you will be receiving the same quality of services for a lower and more manageable cost.

To ensure the online lecture system deliver the exact same services as the real life counterpart, Peter has decided to tailor make the whole system down to every code written in it.



What's Peter's Acceleration classes?

It's a highly condensed lecture program specially designed by Peter, taking students from knowing nothing to knowing everything.

It serves as a complete replacement of the day school classes, allowing a year worth of knowledge to be learned within 20 hours.

Additional to a comprehensive knowledge coverage, a large amount of questions will be done to ensure high performance on test and exams.

It's perfect for students who lack access to a reliable teacher or want to learn from someone that is professionalised in the field.

It's also perfect for students who wish to be ahead of the classes or simply trying to catch up with their school progress.



What's "Answer to All Questions"?

This is where you are guaranteed to find answers to all your VCE questions/problems!

A highly skilled teacher/tutor will respond to your question and provide a detailed solution as well as explanations to your questions/problems.

You can request the answer to be answered within 24hours if it's urgent.

Here is an example of how your question will be answered: Sample Answer



Why should you NOT go to a private institution?

Peter has worked for private institutions in the past, and knows full well how the private institution operates, revenue is always their first priority, it's never the students. This is exactly why Peter decided to quit teaching at private institutions and started providing the service directly.

Private institutions take at least 70% of the tuition fees from students, so in the best case scenario only about 30% ended up going to the teacher/tutor. To maintain such high profit, private institutions often hire less experienced teacher/tutors that have little to no reputation in the field.

Often teachers/tutors with high reputation will eventually decide to part ways with the private institution, unless a mutually beneficial agreement can be reached, however, to ensure high profit, students have to pay a much higher fee as a result of that. This is why there still are few quality teachers/tutor working for private institutions. But why would you pay a higher fee to the middleman when you could access equal if not better services directly elsewhere?